The programme will help you develop:

  • The ability to calm yourself after experiencing intense emotions.

  • The ability to shift attention away from the things that are likely to kick up intense negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, shame, and anxiety.

  • The ability to inhibit acting on an emotion when desired.

  • The ability to decrease the intensity of emotions without drugs and alcohol or food. 

We are not born knowing how to manage our emotions.  Having difficulties regulating our own emotions makes us quite often sensitive to emotional triggers, increases our chances of reacting intensely to those triggers, as a result have trouble getting back to a baseline emotional state. Some people even struggle completing tasks when upset.

These difficulties in emotion regulation are also known as emotion dysregulation. Emotion regulation difficulties can make life pretty chaotic , resulting in problems in relationships, work, and other areas of life. by trying to escape or decrease intense negative emotions like sadness, anger, and anxiety, some people may develop other problems such as anger management difficulties, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, overspending, or self-injurious behaviors.

Since emotion regulation is a set of skills that can be learned, treatment focuses on teaching these skills so you wont need to cover up or turn in to self-destructive coping mechanisms.

This programme you would learn how to change your emotions, and how to develop the ability to be less vulnerable to emotional cues in the environment.